Our Belief

We believe that “In an organization, the greater the correlation between the values of its members and the values of the organization, the greater its success.”

The Early Days

In 2000, real estate was sold the same way it had been for the last 50 years except something was on the horizon and ready to impact the industry. That something was the World Wide Web or Internet. Very little was understood about the concept of a “mobile agent” and what the internet would mean to the real estate industry and the consumers. Crowne Realty started that year around a kitchen table by two young entrepreneurs with an idea that mobile is better and every part of the business should be customer centric - putting the customer needs before our own. Years later and 36 agents strong and growing, our philosophy still stands with proven results.


Crowne Realty has five key commitments.

  • Commitment to our Customers
  • Commitment to Mastery – being the best we can be.
  • Commitment to our Community – being a part of building a great community.
  • Commitment to being Leaders in Real Estate – always being the innovators.
  • Commitment to Each Other – we are all owners of our own business and we are in this together.

Commitment to Community

We are currently the only locally owned major real estate company.  This is important because our goal is to invest in the community – our time, talent, and resources. The goal of most non-locally owned companies is to export money out of our community – back to their home offices in another town and state. Crowne Realty makes substantial investments in our community through various non-profit charities including Home Sweet Home Ministries and Habitat for Humanity.

Many of our leaders and brokers have served as board members for the local Board of REALTORS® as well as various service clubs and charity organizations.


Crowne Realty has attracted and kept a premier group of people. They have been together a long time and the turnover is very low.  They enjoy each other both inside and outside of the workplace.  They are friends as well as business associates. Crowne Realty is more than a real estate company for them – it is a way of life.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

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