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Our number one goal at Crowne Realty is helping our customers transition to the next phase of their lives with ease and in their desired timeframe.

"We are committed to studying our local market, knowing the laws and regulations, and advising

how to increase your “odds of success” for selling and/or buying."


Timing Is Everything

You have probably heard the key to buying real estate is “Location, Location, Location”. But did you know the key to selling real estate is “Timing, Timing, Timing”? Sometimes the best priced home in the best condition may not sell as quickly if the timing is not right.  At Crowne Realty, we study market trends to provide you the most accurate information so you can list your home during the right selling timeframe for your property.


Pricing Does Matter

Understanding the market and listing at the correct initial price is one of the most important decisions that will impact a seller in today’s market. Time is money and research shows homes that are initially overpriced require several price reductions and take on average two to three times longer to sell. How you price your home when first introduced to the market ultimately impacts your final sales price. Our company has specialized tools to help you understand the market in your specific neighborhood and help you price correctly compared to the market and competition.


Repairs Now For Money Later

Every home has a list of items that need fixed or those imperfections we overlook each day. But for the observant buyer eye, every imperfection they see turns them off as most buyers overestimate the cost of repairs. It is generally in your best interest to make all necessary repairs before listing rather than leave it up to the new buyer to fix. If you can see it, so can they. Look at your windows and window seals, stretch carpet or replace if worn, check closet doors or screen doors to make sure they are on the track, fix broken or loose doorknobs, etc. Look for faulty drywall taping, dripping faucets and cracked molding. By fixing those things that are easily visible to a buyer before listing, you should be able to get top dollar for your house.


Clutter Be Gone

A cluttered house can be a lonely house. By removing clutter, you are showing all the space potential in the home to a new buyer and the perception of a very well kept home.  Too much clutter creates the wrong perception and those unique and special features of the home are never noticed.  If you like a lot of ‘stuff’, renting a storage unit may be necessary.

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Clean To Be Seen

Everyone loves shiny and new, right?  Spending the time and money to deep clean your home can give the perception of “like new” even when it’s not.  Focusing on the kitchen appliances, cabinets and bathrooms are a must.

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